Small Business EIDL Grants Approved for $1000

you will most likely qualify for a one thousand dollar grant per an employee that you do not have to pay back as crypto slow cryptocurrency news and investing crypto so with more crypto games what’s going on guys so tonight’s topic is disaster loan assistance it’s just been officially approved they are extending the edit grant to small businesses one thousand dollars per employee what does that mean what does that mean
that means if you own a small business or an LLC um have an EIDL and actually, you don’t even have to have an EIDL but basically some kind of side hustle you will most likely qualify for a 1 000 grant per employee that you do not have to pay back as part of the government stimulus to help small businesses now if you’re familiar the original edit only it lasted for a very short period of time and then there was a delay because it ran out of funds but what you need to know is this is literally the world’s simplest application okay if you have less than 500 employees and it takes five minutes to fill out so you really don’t have anything to lose if you’re a small business now being in crypto you know and I normally am talking about crypto gains tonight, we’re talking small business gains, i know a lot of small businesses are out there struggling and then cash injection can most definitely help the business make it through these tough times so short and sweet that’s how I like to roll the SBA edit grant one thousand dollars per employee they even ask you for your routing the number and checking account at the end of the application it doesn’t get much easier than this and you know I’m out here I’m out to help everyone and I want to keep small business alive so check it out I’ll leave the link below if you have a side hustle a business fill out the application um does your wife work with you is you know she another quote employee you know do what you got to do but fill out the application and you know get some stimulus money back into your small business so hope you enjoyed tonight’s video this is crypto so if you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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