Kingdom Culture Worship Centre for Prayer Requests


Please pray for me and my daughters. I’m a single parent and struggling to ensure I can continue to provide for my children. Please pray that I can continue to provide for my children, and I don’t have to continue to feel helpless and hopeless.
Would all of you please pray for spiritual guidance for my son as I say prayers for all of you. Thank you

I Love you all, and how God continues to bless this ministry. My Family is going through a huge transition, God is doing amazing things. I am getting married and my family has lost a home we’ve had for 15 years. That’s all okay I just don’t want to miss hearing God in this hour. Pray for us.
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Please pray that I will go back to that place I first received him as an 11 or 12-year-old boy. Pray for my place in ministry and that God will place me with the right man of God for a covering. I don’t desire any holes in my covering. Amen!!!!!!!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the new friend in my circle. Please let your light shine through me for your purpose. Thank you in the name of Jesus.EG

Please pray for blessings, revival, and revelation upon San Bernardino and the whole Inland Empire.

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